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Good Food While You Lose Weight*

*This newly released cookbook & resources by dietitian Sharon Luccisano promote a very practical approach to understanding ‘what’s in food’ and how being mindful of what we eat can lead to a healthier weight that can be maintained for life. Include delicious recipes, meal plans & detailed shopping guides. 

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The Healthy Portion Plate

*Part of the current obesity epidemic is caused by simply overeating. Portion sizes have increased while everyday activity levels have decreased! But this highly practical resource can be a great aid to understanding the ideal portion size for different food types while training your meal serving technique!

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Healthy and Delicious Recipes

*Tasty home cooked meals do not need to be complicated, expensive or time consuming! With a few simple, easy-to-find ingredients, you too can enjoy cooking food that the whole family will love!

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Just How Much Is Too Much?

*With many food types, it can be a little hard to tell when enough is enough. Some foods should be eaten in moderation, while others can be eaten often and in surprising amounts. Sharon’s cookbook provides a clear, pictorial guide to the relative amounts of food that makes up a healthy eating serve - removing the numbers and the guesswork!

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